Wire Baskets
Coast To Coast has been fabricating wire baskets for many years. We make baskets for several different industries. This includes industrial, hospitality and food service baskets. 

Our industrial baskets are fabricated out of both stainless and steel. These are utilized for dipping or in the plating industry. We also fabricate baskets for spin dryers for customers who use them to finish their products.

Our hospitality baskets are used in serving food products where there is a need to distribute multiple individuals. These baskets are manufactured out of stainless steel which is electro-polished or out of steel which is chrome plated. These are used in both, hospitals and schools.

Our food service baskets are used in the food service industry. Whether these are pasta baskets, fryer baskets or Mexican food baskets such as Taco or Tostada fry baskets. Our Pasta baskets are fabricated out of stainless steel, electro-polished and the handle dipped in plastisol for a beautiful finish. We manufacture several different sizes to suit your needs.

Coast To Coast has been making Mexican food baskets for several years now. These include Taco, Tostada and Tostada salad bowls baskets for the fryer. Our products are fabricated here in the United States with an emphasis on quality.   

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